Reboot: Day 4

The headache finally went away around 7 last night.

This morning’s Island Green Smoothie was good. I had the Celery Pear Cucumber Green Juice for my morning snack and the Carrot Apple Lemon for my afternoon snack. Both are pretty good.

I had to cheat again today, and ate out with colleagues for lunch. We went to a Mexican restaurant. I opted for the veggie fajitas, which surprisingly had a good amount of vegetables. I did have a handful of chips. I didn’t eat the tortillas or any rice, beans, or dairy products. I almost felt guilted into eating the chips.

My headache came back by the time we drove back from lunch and my stomach has been a mess since. Also, those pesky cookie and candy cravings came back immediately.

Another interesting side effect, is how you make other people feel when you stray from the norm. I made my colleagues uncomfortable at lunch and they felt bad about eating chips in front of me (thus I ate a few chips). After lunch the ladies in the front office were talking about my juicing and how I think I need to lose weight, etc…

If I lose some weight, that will be nice, but that is not the real goal of this plan.

Day 4 Menu
When You Wake Up       8-12 oz. of hot lemon water

Breakfast                        Island Green Smoothie

Morning Snack               Carrot Apple Lemon Juice

Lunch                             Green Detox Soup, Reboot Green Salad

Afternoon Snack            Carrot Apple Lemon Juice

Dinner                             Squash & Apple Soup

Before Bed                      Herbal Tea

One of the negatives about juicing is the waste. Each run yields an extreme amount of pulp! And then you feel bad for wasting it. Obviously it has all gone to our compost bin to this point and that is not a waste, but I’d like to get more use out of the pulp than just composting it. So what can we do with the leftover pulp? I already shared the vegetable broth recipe yesterday. My husband found this blog post: What Do I Do With Leftover Juice Pulp?


Maybe this weekend I’ll try some out and let you know how it goes…


P.S. My headache is gone again.


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