Reboot: Day 8

Monday! Another work week. This week is all juice. And I am determined to behave (aka not give in to my cravings).

I came to a realization last night… It was about 11:30 pm and all I could think about was Peanut Butter Patties (aka Tag Alongs). I had veered from my food schedule by letting too much time go in between meals, and I was super tired (I could have gone to bed at 9). When I get off track by not eating on time and staying up too late, my body craves sugar. So… I need to stay on top of my eating times and go to bed when I’m tired. I know I have read this many times, but I guess it finally sunk in last night.

Day 8 Menu
When You Wake Up       8-12 oz. of hot lemon water

Breakfast                        Sunrise Juice

Morning Snack               16 oz Coconut Water* Sporty Spice

Lunch                              Green Lemonade

Afternoon Snack            Sunrise Juice

Dinner                             Green Lemonade

Dessert                            Peach/Pear Pie Delight

Before Bed                      Herbal Tea

Today I had an 8 oz (approx) serving of Sporty Spice for a morning snack instead of the coconut water. More beets.

Tonight I’m going to have the purple passion for dessert since I missed it yesterday. I’m going to make the pear delight to have on hand to fight sugar cravings.


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