Reboot: Day 11

Just another reboot juice day. Counting down the days until I can chew something…

I’m definitely looking forward to some of the fun recipes I’ve found (& pinned) once this is over!

Day 11 Menu
When You Wake Up       8-12 oz. of hot lemon water

Breakfast                        Green Citrus

Morning Snack               16 oz Coconut Water*

Lunch                              Red, White, Blue, (& Green!)

Afternoon Snack            Green Citrus

Dinner                             Sporty Spice

Dessert                            Red, White, Blue, (& Green!)

Before Bed                      Herbal Tea

You’re gonna say duh, but today’s Sporty Spice is only on the menu once this week. So I halved the recipe instead of making the full, 2 serving recipe. I didn’t think of doing that last week… So I have some juice in the freezer.

The Red, White, Blue (&Green!) Juice is really good. I wouldn’t call it filling, by any means, but refreshing is the perfect word for it.


Red, White, Blue (& Green!) Juice

This recipe makes 2 servings

3 cups/675 ml watermelon
4 handfuls blueberries
12-16 kale leaves

Rinse all ingredients and cut to size for your juicer. Juice!

Note: Do not use the watermelon skin or rind.

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