Reboot: 12 Down…

3 TO GO!

I wonder if my tastes are getting more sensitive or the fruits I added to today’s drinks are especially sweet and tart… I’m really beginning to enjoy the warm lemon water, which is interesting because the first day I DID NOT like it.

I’ve also had comments today on my weight loss and I’m down a jean size. Unfortunately my breathing issues are still apparent, but my digestive issues seem to be under control for the time being. I’m worried about what it will be like once I start to eat solid food again…

Day 12 Menu
When You Wake Up       8-12 oz. of hot lemon water

Breakfast                        Carrot Apple Lemon

Morning Snack               16 oz Coconut Water*

Lunch                              Joe’s mean Green

Afternoon Snack            Carrot Apple Lemon

Dinner                             Joe’s Mean Green

Dessert                            Watermelon Crush

Before Bed                      Herbal Tea

The Watermelon Crush Juice is even better than the Red, White, Blue (&Green!) Juice!! Can’t resist sharing:

Watermelon Crush
makes 1 serving

1/2 watermelon (1.5-2 cups / 400-500 ml)
1 lime
1 handful basil leaves

Rinse all ingredients, remove rind and skin of watermelon, remove peel from lime, and Juice!


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