Reboot: Last Day!

Woohoo!! I made it!

This was a loooong last 5 days. 

Day 15 Menu
When You Wake Up       8-12 oz. of hot lemon water

Breakfast                        Morning Green Glory

Morning Snack              16 oz Coconut Water*

Lunch                             Un-Beet-able

Afternoon Snack            Morning Green Glory

Dinner                             Un-Beet-Able

Dessert                            Purple Passion

Before Bed                      Herbal Tea

The Stats:
Pounds lost: 12
Injuries: 3
Money Spent: $375 (only on the food)
Would I do it again?: No, not for 15 days.

I still have rosacea, and my face actually started breaking out a few days ago. The lasting results on my digestive issues remain to be seen. The last week I was completely constipated, so I don’t think that can really be a good thing.

I think the 10 day plan would have been the best for me as far as being excited about the juice and wanting to stick to it. Also, during the 10 days is where I saw the most improvements. Telling everybody that I was doing the 15 day reboot, really helped to hold me accountable. The hardest times to stick to juicing were the weekends and cooking for my husband. I am glad I tried it though.

I’m wondering how I’m going to keep that 12 pounds off… Time to really hit the gym!

I’ve been reading a lot about diet in general lately, and it seems everyone has a different method… I think my method will be more vegetables and fruits, eat what I enjoy, try to stay away from added sugar and processed foods as much as possible, and just enjoy food.


The typical American plate is 50% animal protein, 25% overcooked vegetables and 25% starch like white potatoes. At Reboot we urge you to MOVE THE DIAL and recreate your plate by shifting to 50% plant foods like vegetables and fruit, 25% lean protein and 25% whole grain. Fruits and vegetables pack a powerful nutritious punch so eating more of them is a good way to stay healthy and live longer.


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